Zonealarm not updating

I got the Windows 10 'upgrade' and was willing to work with the myriad of little problems that have cropped up but when I found out that my Zone Alarm was not working and 'Defender' was running, I tried to redownload Zone Alarm from the back up CD that I have.Imagine my surprise when I got a message that Zone Alarm would not - does not work with Windows 10.Vipre is a good product but the firewall is not as good.

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I have XP Pro, Avast 4.7, Spybot, and Zone alarm pro firewall. Edit: After update attempt and firewall locks up I am unable to open anything except task manager. The firewall is set for automatic updates but it never seems to update. Have you tried manually downloading updates using internet explorer rather than firefox?

I have not seen my firewall update in a very long time. There seems to be a number of problems downloading za with firefox.

When I try to update it manually the program seems to lockup. I am not actually seeing an error with IE but when I try to use it, it becomes "unresponsive" not allowing me to browse.

I open task manager and it shows "Zone Alarm Pro NOT RESPONDING". I have to shut it down with task manager to regain control.

My internet connection is broadband (comcast) and I am using Firefox as my browser. I'm assuming you are current on your paid subscription - yes? The dialup accelerator applies only to dialup users not broadband.

Jul 19, 2014 · Cannot update my Zone Alarm Antivirus/Antispyware - posted in Virus, Trojan, Spyware, and Malware Removal Logs: Hi Guys, i have a problem with update my Zone Alarm ...

View Feb 19, 2012 · I use zone alarm and on the zone alarm tool bar the "check site" option is grayed out.

This was not in the information I got from this website.

Why wasn't anyone told beforehand that it would not work?

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