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The 2016 winner Arwen Starda joins other winners: Kenya Coviak, Jacki Smith, Michael Wiggins, and David Trexler, who have all been recognized for their contributions to Michigan’s Pagan community.This is your community; TWH is your community news source. Thank you.” — Arwen Starda DETROIT –That wisecrack about Gordon Ireland was recounted by Arwen Starda’s daughter Gwenn, after Arwen was named Michigan’s 2016 Pagan of the Year.

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Also, Russell tries to woo back big donors to Dalton's campaign, and the Mc Cords get an important lead in their family's stalking case.

What he was willing to talk about was the incredibly vibrant Pagan community in Michigan, a community that he himself has sought to improve in multiple ways.

Ireland has had a hand in a number of other high-profile projects.

There are only 17 days left in the Fall Fund Drive.

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Not only will he not be involved in selecting the annual honoree for 2017 and beyond, he has also secured an agreement that he himself will not be named in his lifetime.

Awarding the honor to longtime co-conspirator Arwen Starda as one of his last official acts before his retirement may well be evidence of what Gwenn Starda calls his “sick sense of humor.” But Ireland isn’t talking about that.

Those include the Midwest Witches’ Ball, Michigan Pagan Scholarship Fund, and the Pagans in Need food bank.

In addition, he launched the Pagan of the Year award, which is now in its fifth year.


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