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Protege: Prince and Vanity on a 1983 Rolling Stone cover (right).They dated for a few years, during which Prince renamed her Vanity, instead of Denise Matthews.

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’ on one of our first dates and I was like ‘yeah I do’.

“Of course I don’t like single malt whiskey at all.” Stone continued to play along with his lie, going as far as buying bottles of whiskey to place strategically around the house.

She was the most successful of the singer's protegees, going on to find her own success with songs like The Glamorous Life which was released in 1984 and earned her a Best New Artist Grammy nomination.

This year, he paid tribute to their love after she died She would go on to have relationships with artists rockers Billy Idol and Nikki Sixx of Motley Crue before marrying football player Anthony Smith in 1995, one year after becoming a born-again Christian following an overdose of crack cocaine.

Prince paid tribute to Vanity during a concert in Australia shortly after he death, where he performed songs in her honor while also highlighting the hits he wrote while the two were together, including his classic 'Little Red Corvette.' Moonsie was just a teenager at the time and had been a member of Vanity 6, later joining Apollonia 6 and ending her relationship with Prince in 1983 or 1984, possibly because he began dating Susannah Melvoin.

Melvoin also got some songs written in her honor during her time with Prince, including 'Nothing Compares 2 U,' the haunting ballad which was later performed by Sinead O'Connor and earned Prince a Song of the Year Grammy nomination.

Also in the Prince relationship mix during the 1980s was singer and drummer Sheila E, with the pair getting close after meeting in 1978 which led to Prince working and recording with Sheila on a variety of projects, including Purple Rain.

“I don’t know how anyone enjoys it,” he said, cringing slightly.

But he also enjoyed dalliances with celebrities throughout the 80s and 90s, including Madonna, Kim Basinger, Sherilyn Fenn, Vanessa Marcil, Susanna Hoffs and Tara Leigh Patrick - who later renamed herself Carmen Electra, as per Prince's suggestion.

“I’d always buy some fancy whiskeys on my way through duty free and pretend they were lying around the house.” It was a lie that Stone couldn’t maintain coming clean once they were in an relationship.

“Six months or so in I had to confess, I just couldn’t keep drinking it.


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