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When Amy disappears, and foul play is indicated, Nick is the obvious suspect for the investigating officers (Kim Dickens, Patrick Fugit) and raw meat for the tabloid TV piranha like Nanci Grace-clone Ellen Abbott (Missi Pyle), or polished bottom feeder Susan Scheiber (Sela Ward), a combo Diane Sawyer-Barbara Walters.What's particularly biting is the weather-vane nature of the Nick Dunne coverage, and the way people exposed to too much media learn, and employ, its vocabulary.She acknowledged the uneasy state a lot of couples will be in at the end of David Fincher's film, for which she had to convert a book that -- much more than most -- depends very much for its impact on the writing itself.

Media as monitor "It's a story about storytelling," Flynn said of "Gone Girl," "and in the 24-hour media world, no matter what the content, the media has a disproportionate voice in all our lives.

"It's very internalized, it relies a lot on internal narratives and first-person writing.

My first challenge was to externalize what needed to be shown on screen.

When her parents fall on hard times, and take back most of her trust fund, and Nick's mother develops terminal cancer, they move back to Nick's hometown of North Carthage, Missouri, an economically enfeebled town on the Mississippi where bad things can happen.

The bad thing that drives the plot is Amy's mysterious disappearance.

Audiences of the New York Film Festival -- which on Friday were given their first public glimpse of "Gone Girl" -- have been treated to their share of less-than-joyful opening-night movies. In "Gone Girl," something else takes it in the neck: intimacy. In the case of "Gone Girl," what shallow grave might they be buried in?Björk, memorably, was hanged in 2000's "Dancer in the Dark." Social pleasantries were coldbloodedly murdered in Roman Polanski's "Carnage" (2011). How well do we know the people we share our lives with? "It's the date movie to end all dates," laughed Gillian Flynn, upon whose bestselling novel the film is based, and who wrote the screenplay.My concern was once I did that it would be all engine and lose those more specific, character-driven moments.I wanted to make sure I maintained the meat of the relationship." The relationship in question is between Nick Dunne (Ben Affleck) and Amy Elliott (Rosamund Pike), two writers in New York with divergent backgrounds: He's a transplanted Missourian who's about to lose his job at a men's magazine; she's a writer, too, and grew up as the model for her parents' wildly successful series of children's books ("Amazing Amy").Those who've read the book -- the hardcover version alone went to 40 printings and sold 6 million copies -- know the intricacies of the story line, which won't be revealed here.But Flynn, a Midwest native and a former writer for Entertainment Weekly, does target a few ancillary social evils en route to telling Nick and Amy's story, including the excesses of the media among which she once worked.


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