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In it’s modern incarnation, samulnori relies solely on the four instruments below, either in quartet or larger ensemble.The Samulnori Kontakt instruments feature KSP Humanise controls which can be used to add random variations to the timing, velocity, tuning and volume of each hit.

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Samulnori has its roots in farmer’s music (nong-ak), and includes not only music but dancing to celebrate harvest times.

The music also stems from the shamanistic tradition of utdari pungmul, which is performed on these same instruments together with singing and wind instruments.

This makes it possible to load up multiple instances of the same instrument playing the same MIDI pattern and introduce the natural differences and organic feel of a human drummer to each one.

This makes it very quick to create stunningly lifelike ensemble percussion pieces.

It will only run in the free Kontakt Player in DEMO mode, for 15 mins.

However, even in these larger groups, the role of each instrument is the same.Each one represents an element of nature, the Jing being the wind, the Janggu the rain, the Puk the clouds, and the K’kwaenggwari the lightning.Samulnori is a type of Korean percussion music that has been gaining popularity over the last few decades, both in Korea and abroad.The term “samulnori” ( 사물놀이) can be broken into two parts - “samul” meaning “four things”, and “nori” meaning “to play”.1.4GB core library 24 bit 44.1khz stereo sampling 10 alternate round robin layers per hit Up to 14 velocity layers 4 individual instruments KSP Humanise module - create organic variations in playing Effects section with custom convolution reverb IRs This is not a Kontakt Player instrument.This means that you do need to own the full version of NI Kontakt to use it.


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