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Although it must be noted that neither side, Jen Patterson nor CSN, ever confirmed this.

And if you don’t remember Boynton, you’re not alone. Well, she lives in Arizona and she’s Jen Patterson Boynton now.

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And ESPN's Wendi Nix, while covering sports for a Boston tv-station marrying current Boston Red Sox GM and then V. These situations seriously undermine journalistic credibility. These incidents severely hurt the reputation of very attractive female reporters who can quickly be labeled as “jersey-chasers with a microphone.” And overall, be a MAJOR set back to women in sports journalism.

Jen Patterson losing her media career because of dating a player is not without precedent.

You might remember Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Derek Lowe left his wife for Fox Sports reporter Carolyn Hughes, who got fired from her job for dating a player on a team covered by the network. ESPN personality Samantha Ponder married Minnesota Vikings QB Christian Ponder.

He only played 48 games and accumulated 9 points during his time in Chicago. So maybe it was worth losing a job to meet the love of her life. Her Twitter page lists her as a “Reporter/Anchor/Producer/Marketing/PR/Real Estate.” Jen Patterson also has a Facebook public page with the same Russian babushka hat profile pic, which lists her vocation as “REALTOR®, Entrepreneur, & Media Personality” Here’s an excerpt from her Facebook bio page: “Being the daughter of a Custom Home Builder & a Real Estate Agent, Residential Real Estate was a natural fit for Jen Patterson.

Following a successful media career in Chicago, it was time to take her knowledge, creativity, motivation, plentiful contacts and strong work ethic and put it to the test in the Arizona Real Estate Market.” She’s an Arizona real estate broker now.

Though no fault of her own, the show had ratings lower than Amanda Bynes on barbiturates.Patterson began a relationship with Boynton, and she was quickly dismissed for it.Remember Jen Patterson, the bubbly blonde who rose up the Chicago media ranks a couple years ago? Jen Patterson rose to fame as “Jen-Jen the engine” on WSCR.…before being dismissed after her relationship with Chicago Blackhawks player Nick Boynton surfaced and (unofficially) got her fired from Comcast Sports Net Chicago in October 2010. She as a producer/670 The Score personality but eventually left for CSN Chicago where she covered high school sports and was featured on “Monsters in the Morning” with Mike North and Dan Jiggetts.Do they make her stick to covering only college sports?Seems to be a situation like NBC reporting on GE, when the network was owned by the corporate behemoth.

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