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The Human Resources Office conducts the testing of skills to include language skills, translation skills, typing and other any skills that may be specific to the position and required as a minimum qualification requirement of the position.

Letters of recommendation, awards certificate, transcripts and the like may be attached to the official application form.

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This is extremely important since advertised positions contain different requirements that the applicant must specifically address.

The Embassy accepts applications that are submitted on the Embassy’s official employment application form or in the form.

Completed applications may be sent to HR mailbox Baghdad [email protected]

Please Note: Do not send applications to us after the closing date. Locally Employed Staff These positions are all hired in Iraq though the Human Resources Office.

We only accept applications for jobs that are listed on this page.

All locally hired positions require that the applicant already be a permanent resident of Iraq who is legally entitled to work.

Applications (DS 174-Universal Application for Employment form) and instructions for jobs with the Embassy may be downloaded and printed from the Embassy website.

The Embassy is not allowed to keep a “current applications” file (a file of applications submitted by candidates who were not selected for previous positions) that may be “activated” for future vacancies.

Once all applications are received, they are rank-ordered according to the applicant's qualifications.

The Embassy's policy is to post all such vacancies on the Embassy website to ensure the widest distribution possible.

Each announcement provides a description of the position, the required qualifications, the closing date for applications and all application procedures.


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