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In the Capstone Workshop, I decided to expand on VNs and take it further, by creating original artwork with the help of my younger sister, recycling the characters from the scrapped RPG project.

I managed to complete it within the allotted time available (a semester, around 3 or 4 months). I’ve decided to take my capstone project and expand on it, paying attention to detail to the artwork, storyline, and whatnot.

Occasionally you’ll be presented with a screen of choices – and those choices determine one of the many endings you’ll get.

During my college career, I took these three interesting classes relevant to my major (Arts and Technology), called Intro to Visual Arts, The Process of Art, and the Capstone Workshop.

It has its roots five years ago (in 2004), when I wanted to create a console-style role-playing game (RPG), with my own original characters.

Initially, it started out with appropriating other game’s graphics, and utilizing RPG Maker.

Eventually, I got tired of using appropriated graphics; I had an online friend who helped me design original characters.

As time passed, I realized how difficult it was to create an RPG.

Like the Capstone project, my younger sister is assisting with the artwork.

Though I don’t have the same production values and goals as professional VN studios, the end goal of this project is hopefully advertising and selling it. A visual novel is a genre of game that is very popular in Japan.

They are defined by their minimalistic gameplay; you are presented with a story with vivid graphics, often in the style of Japanese anime.

Interaction is mostly clicking the screen to advance the story.

In the former two classes, there was a final art project where you’re free to do whatever you want.

Because I love anime-style artwork, I chose to create visual novels (VNs) as my final project, using appropriated (or “borrowed”) artwork.

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