Simple dating software

This is only possible because My Php dating has a robust internal architecture that keeps ample space for customizations yet keeps the system design solid and highly structured.

The requirements for the free version are the same as the full versions of the script, with the specification that the free version has limited number of users.

Also if customers do not want to set it up on their own, they can take the advantage of the FREE INSTALLATION support benefit where we set it up for them.

Our script is something like other popular and strong matching websites (ex:, Perfect, etc.) and is very competitive and relevent with the examples mentioned.

Besides the fact that it is a competitive and powerfull script, we've created this matching script with an efficient and powerfull Member Account.

My Php Dating 2.0 configurations can be controlled right from the administrator Control panel that helps changing complex site configurations with just a few clicks making it highly controllable and configurable.

Even the look and feel (template) and language can be controlled and set up from the admin control panel.

So let's start by giving you some info about what you will get by purchasing our product.

First of all you will be able to create your own independent matching website, at the best price from the entire WWW, that is very popular on our days, and earn a lot of cash from members monthly or yearly payments, in order to use all features of Exact Matching Script, and from publicity that you will make for many visitors that you will have.

- Who is online - INBOX and Sent Messages - Favorites list for each member - Profiles that a favorited a member - Winks that a logged in member sends - Views that a logged in member gives - Winks that a logged in member receives - Views that a logged in member receives - Payments made - Total account management, including self-account delete - Comlete profile management - Quiz, to complete profile description - Add to favorites list other member - Send message and email to another member - Wink another member - View another member profile - Beautiful pagination - Eficient short member display, beginning from he last logged in member - Display a `noprofile` pictures if some members doesn`t have profile pictures - Site Details - Admin Login Details - Complete statistics - Users management (activate/inactivate an user account) - Profiles management (activation/inactivation of categories, subcategories and items) - Opportunity to add categories with unlimited number of subcategories and items - Quiz management (activation/inactivation of questions in quiz) - Add new questions in quiz - Manage contact messages So, the features that we've tried to write above means nothing if you don't view the 'real deal' in action; to view how exactly the Exact Matching 1 Matching cript or Exact Matching 1 Enhaced Edition works. Step 4: Open the UPLOADED file in the browser Like this: Information page will appear and you can check the status of all the extensions whether they are enabled or not.

Or send us the link of the uploaded file and we will let you know about the server compatibility. IF YOU ARE NOT SURE ABOUT COMPATIBILITY YOU CAN SEND US THE LINK OF YOUR TEST FILE!

Built with Php at the core and supported by HTML,javascript , Ajax for front-end presentation and My Sql database server to provide a solid data backend storage. P environment although Apache installations on Windows based systems (W. Setting up My Php Dating 2.0 is a simple and hassle-free process.

As Php /My Sql combination is best deployed on Apache web server installed in a Linux based system My Php Dating 2.0 performs the best in The L. After purchasing your copy of the script,upload the contents to your hosting directory and follow the simple steps mentioned in the Installation manual that you get with the script.


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