Simgirls dating sim cheats dating 60 year old woman

To make a sim girl easly satisfied go on a date, while on the date right click the girl and the click on foreward and a question will pop up do that untill the meter is full and then leave.


capriati dating - Simgirls dating sim cheats

You can buy flowers and gifts for them and try to chat with them, in order to know their personal information such as telephone numbers.

Now, charming girls is not an easy task so you will need to work in order to have money, fight to earn strength score, go to classes to get knowledge, all this to become more attractive for girls.

If someone could find a way around this or fix it, that would be really helpful. Thankfully the new Simgirls game, Lovemore, is finally out over on

, the description for this just hasn't been updated in a while.

When you will get the chance to date a girl and finally get her, you will fill the excitement of this game. First u will have to wait to underwear day at the school.

When they ask you how much you will spend on their underwear type o( THAT'S NOT ZERO!!! Do that for all the girls and u will see a Nan by your money (Nan means unlimited) and if you check your phone you will see Nan by all the girls name so all you have to do now is just ask away.

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The sequel is currently under development, you can watch the trailer and check out the latest updates of the series at: game, however, I've tried to download it, but all the links I try don't work. This game is so amazing, honestly one of the better dating sims out there, and I've been searching for more like it.

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