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AANT branded batteries come with a battery rating and up to 36 months nationwide warranty.Need a battery that performs in the Territory’s harsh environment?You will see a protective capsule covering the needle and you will notice the system “automatically advance” to the next available capsule.

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Once inserted (deeply into the capsule), remove the syringe.

Because of this, Prism products are not confined to one market.

In fact, it’s suitable for all markets and anywhere there’s a need to protect a healthcare professional and/or individual from dangerous sharps injuries.

AANT 4WD batteries offer extended life, premium performance and guaranteed reliability, a convenient carry handle and water indicator.

Before you choose a battery for your boat, make a note of your motor’s horse power and all the accessories you need to run.

phone Roadside Assistance on 131 111 and a patrol will deliver and fit your new car or 4WD battery at no extra cost.Plus and Premium members receive a further off member prices.Some of these markets include: Dental, Podiatry, Veterinary, Phlebotomy, Cosmetic Surgery, Outpatient Surgical, Hospital, ER, Home Healthcare, Consumer Items (Home Testing), EMT’s, Nurses etc.For Dentistry the System is the first product of its kind to address safe disposal of both the front and back end of all dental syringes and needles.This will help the experts at AANT determine the correct battery for your needs.Prism Safety Capsule System fits all needle lengths and gauges.


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