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Custard - We Are The Parents (Our Parents Warned Us About) 27.

Younis Clare - I Love You Like Kanye Loves Kanye 38.

The Smith Street Band - Wipe That Shit Eating Grin Off Your Punchable Face 13.

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Voting: - Voters selected up to 10 listed songs and could have added 5 of their own if they feel the Station’s airplay has missed out a relevant track and it was within the release timeline - Voters can submit only 1 entry!!

Only 1 entry per person will be counted - Voting closes Midnight December 25 - Only the highest ranking track (as per voting results) from each artist will make it in to the final list - In the case of a tie in voting numbers for certain tracks, airplay amounts on 4ZZZ will be taken into account Hot 1 1.

Mosman Alder - Germland (of Julien Charbonneau) 68.

Blind Man Death Stare - Old People Should Grow Up 64.

Ball Park Music - She Only Loves Me When I'm There 21.

Guidelines: The 4ZZZ Hot 100 suggested song selections were compiled from tracks that were submitted to 4ZZZ and received more than 5 plays on 4ZZZ between November 2014 to November 2015 and that weren't featured in last years Hot 100 list, and only the top 2 songs with the most plays per artist are included in our suggested voting list.

Only 1 track from each artist makes it on to our final Hot 100 list.

Punxie & The Poison Pens - The Gina Reinhart song 37.

Mzaza - Enfants Du Chemin (Children Of The Road) 43.

Punxie & The Poison Pens - The Campbell Newman song 42.

The Counterfeit Umbrellas - I Will Be Your Home 56.

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