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As creditors get tough with Millennials, younger financial consumers may well steer the robust plastic payments market to mobile payments.'Crashing waves' of jihadists fray soldiers' nerves in Mosul battle By Dominic Evans and Ahmed Rasheed BAGHDAD (Reuters) - A week after his tank division punched through Islamic State defenses on the southeast edge of Mosul, an Iraqi army colonel says the fight to Obama, Trump to set differences aside for awkward White House meeting By Jeff Mason and Steve Holland WASHINGTON (Reuters) - U. President Barack Obama will host an awkward meeting with President-elect Donald Trump at the White House on Thursday in their first public Mila Kunis: What I Did When I Was Told I'd 'Never Work in This Town Again' Mila Kunis had that most clichd of lines spoken to her when she refused to pose semi-naked on a men's magazine cover: "You'll never work in this town again," the producer of the film she would have been promoting told her. Priceline Going Past Rentals with Ride-Hailing App Will Priceline Group (NASDAQ: PCLN) start offering an Uber-like ride-sharing service to its menu of transportation options?Alexion Drug Sale Practices Target of Internal Investigation Alexion Pharmaceuticals disclosed Wednesday its board of directors is investigating allegations of improper sales practices tied to its top-selling drug Soliris.

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On Sunday, spectators and fellow runners might have caught a glimpse of Sean Astin or Tiki Barber , among others, during the 26.2 mile course, but they're hardly the first stars to attempt a marathon run:...

Trailer for Remini's Scientology Series Alleges Rape, Beatings The first trailer for Leah Remini's Scientology docuseries is out , and it's about as shocking as you might expect.

Probably -- but first, it's going to test the waters with a ground transportation service through its Rental Cars business.

According to industry news site tnooz, Priceline is rolling out a ride-hailing service called Rideways that will pick up passengers from from airports, hotels, train stations, and the like, to take them wherever they want to go.

Michael Moore to 'Shocked' Democrats: You Weren't Paying Attention On Wednesday, filmmaker and activist Michael Moore penned a " Morning After To-Do List " for Democrats that has, as of this writing, been shared more than 142,000 times, liked more than 300,000 times, and commented on more than 14,000 times.

Waters USA brings together CIOs, CTOs and senior technology professionals, from investment banks, asset management firms, hedge funds and other financial institutions, to address the latest financial IT strategies being implemented across front-to-back office in preparation for 2016.As the Hollywood Reporter notes, it features former church members discussing child rape and beatings, among other things.Leah Remini: Scientology and the Aftermath starts airing on A&E Nov. There Are Nearly 500 Million Credit Cards in Use, But Can Mobile Topple the Plastic King?Waters Technology and Sell-Side Technology are pleased to present the 6th annual North American Trading Architecture Summit.These Few Correctly Picked Trump, and Were Ignored One of the most common questions being asked Wednesday is how pollsters and pundits managed to be so wrong about Donald Trump. More Why So Many Pollsters Were So Completely Wrong The prevailing question the morning after Donald Trump's stunning victory is: How did so many get it so wrong?Well, not everybody was wrong: The Los Angeles Times /University of South California tracking poll consistently had Trump in the lead through the final months, often to much... An "absolutely unreal" "Chance of Winning Presidency" graphic on the New York Times' forecasting page Tuesday evening showed Trump ascending from a 20% chance of winning the White House to near...


  1. As you can probably already tell, this can lead to two things, either a tragedy which leads to regret or a comedy where the joke is in the Aquarius.

  2. The demolition of the Third Avenue Elevated subway line set off a building boom and a white-collar influx, most notably of young educated women who suddenly found themselves free of family, opprobrium, and, thanks to birth control, the problem of sexual consequence.

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  4. Much of the reaction I’ve seen to NYT Now has been that it doesn’t really offer much beyond a selection of the NYT’s stories, and certainly not enough to be worth paying for, given that a variety of free apps (including Yahoo’s mobile News app) provide something roughly equivalent for nothing. What the is running up against is the paywall equivalent of the law of diminishing returns: It has already had what — in newspaper terms at least — amounts to a blockbuster success with its existing paywall, signing up 800,000 subscribers and generating hundreds of millions of dollars in revenue.

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