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Katia was still pregnant when she returned, but on account of the drugs and abuse she endured at the hands of her traffickers, she had to terminate her pregnancy. _______________________ Austin, Tex.: Are these girls getting therapy after they return home?

Ric Bienstock: Yes, there are currently many NGOs working on helping the victims when they return home, but resources are scarce so there is always room for improvement.

The IOM (International Organization for Migration) funds many grassroots projects in that region.

Katia (last name withheld) and her husband Viorel were four months pregnant when she was taken. Award-winning filmmaker Ric Bienstock has produced and directed a diverse and eclectic range of films.

She was one of the many women kidnapped and sent to places like Europe, the Middle East and the United States, where they are often "owned" by violent pimps, repeatedly raped, beaten and sold to other buyers. Her credits include Impact of Terror, about a suicide bombing in Israel; Penn & Teller's Magic and Mystery Tour, a three-part series taking Penn & Teller to the back streets of China, India and Egypt on a wild and unpredictable odyssey in search of extraordinary magicians; Boxing: In and Out of the Ring, an inside look at the business of boxing; The Money Shot, a revealing behind-the-scenes look at the hard-core pornography industry; Ebola: Inside an Outbreak, a thorough ground-zero investigation of an Ebola outbreak in Zaire and Ms. Ric Bienstock: Yes, Katia was sent back to Moldova by her traffickers.

Viorel's search leads him to Vlad, the man who originally sold his wife, and into the heartbreaking world of other women who are sex slaves. Conceptions, an entertaining look at single mothers by choice. They realized that she was more trouble then she was worth.

A 28-year-old Ukrainian native, Oksana, was sold 13 times during her captivity and recalls being held in a cramped apartment with other women, one of whom sought help from the authorities only to be exploited by policemen. She also served as location director on the Emmy Award winning Plague Monkeys and producer of Deadly Currents, a feature-length investigation of the Palestinian/Israeli conflict. By sending her home, they understood that the Moldovan police couldn't or wouldn't do anything and they also wanted to ensure that she couldn't go to the Turkish police. He can't afford an apartment so they can't live together yet.

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Producer/Director Ric Bienstock was online Wednesday, Feb. EST to discuss the PBS Frontline film "Sex Slaves," which follows a husband's efforts to track down his 21-year-old wife, who was sold into sexual slavery for ,000 by a man who promised a trip to buy goods in Turkey.

Many of these women need medical help, psychological counseling and help reintegrating back into society after their experiences.

There are shelters for the women in some cities, but spaces are limited so not everyone is benefiting.

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