Reasons for dating a nurse

And for to-be partners, start looking out for your perfect "nurse". But it is not just a job, it is a responsibility of healing a life.

We manage things like dining anywhere, sleeping less, and not being choosy.

We take things in our stride, our flexibility and multitasking at home makes us all the more likable.

We are those wonderful partners who will care for you and will stick with you no matter what. We nurses have to deal with our patients' suffering and distress and by lending a passionate ear, we act as their confidants.

This makes us great listeners, who can listen to your problems and genuinely understand them.

This unknowingly also reflects in our relationships.

The spirit of this profession instills in us the qualities that make us a better human being. Just like our profession, we always put extra effort in a relationship to get it going and blooming. And in the journey of life, we possess an attitude to keep struggling and not giving up. We nurses are full of compassion, tenderness, and sensitivity.This attitude of ours is quite an exception, because you won't get unnecessary wild tantrums, instead we will hold your hand and face all the ups and downs together.The nursing profession has taught us to adjust and compromise. Fluids bursting from places you didn’t think held fluids. You don’t have to feel insecure about your body type or acne, ‘cause God knows he's seen a lot worse.Our experience as a nurse makes us an expert in personal healthcare at home.


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