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There are a lot of things you can’t change in life, and the passage of time is just one of them.

If your payment is rejected, you might be unable to buy a product or service that you wanted, you might have to pay late-payment fees, or there might be other consequences. The IRS generally doesn’t accept postdated checks, and some universities won’t either.

If the account will not have sufficient funds, the check might bounce, and Find out if the check was intentionally postdated, and figure out a solution. However, most people don’t do this, in part because banks charge additional fees to monitor the account and prevent payment before the specified date.

Getting cash might be a challenge; because there’s a possibility that the check won’t clear, you might have better luck a postdated check, take it to the bank that issued the check (see How to Cash a Check).

Consider what happens if those payments are rejected.

In most cases, you can deposit or cash a postdated check early.

Whether you received a postdated check or you’re thinking of writing one, it’s important to know how they work (and that they often illegal to write a check when you know you don’t have the funds to cover it, but things get a little fuzzy – and might depend on state law – when you postdate a check (assuming it is accepted as payment).

Of course, it’s also illegal to defraud somebody who sells you something (by Just because it's legal doesn't mean things will work out the way you intended: using a postdated check does not create a legally binding agreement between you and the person you wrote the check to.

In some cases, postdated checks get deposited and nobody ever notices (they don’t look closely at the date).

If you want to write a postdated check, the process is the same as writing any other check – except you’ll put a prevent the funds from being paid out of your account before the date you choose, contact your bank – before you write the check.

There are one or two exceptions (like if you’re a debt collector), but most individuals are free to take postdated checks to the bank.

However, it’s best to communicate with whoever wrote the check – there’s probably a reason it’s postdated. at least) typically pay on postdated checks unless the checking account owner took specific steps instructing them not to.

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