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What better way to add some excitement to your next meeting or event than to include an “enteractive” icebreaker!

” It’s time to turn from ordinary business associate into one of the country’s hottest mixologists and bartenders! This fun event is designed to encourage your guests to get to know their colleagues in a whole new light, leading to ongoing relationships that last long beyond the duration of the meeting!

“Everyone loved the activity and the spirit continued throughout the remainder of the week. We supply the ingredients; you supply the talent, enthusiasm and creativity. This event brings the on-line world to life, providing a new way for people to connect, collaborate, and work together based on the techniques they’ve learned from the social networks.

We appreciate your help in creating the right environment for our people to succeed! In a diverse and collaborative environment, business gets done through the knowledge and relationships of the people on the team.

An event icebreaker can be used in combination with one of Play with a Purpose’s signature goal oriented team building activities or community service events to make your next corporate gathering outstanding.

Our team building experts in Orlando and Las Vegas will help you put together an engaging, fun, exciting event that will get everyone talking! Online social networks such as Facebook and Twitter help us build relationships around like-minded interests, and face-to-face events help us to strengthen those relationships.

Guests are given bartender aprons, all the tools they need to create a new drink, and a business proposition. This high-energy game show event is a must for your next meeting! the long awaited “Ladies & Gentlemen, Start your Burners! This loosely organized event blends the best of speed networking with humor, random connections and great interaction.

These events are a combination of entertainment and active participation that drop easily into opening night receptions, theme parties, general sessions and other events.

They are designed to welcome newcomers, break up cliques, give back to the community, and start the meeting off with a high-energy opening.

Best of all, most events can be customized to meet your specific objectives.

Some contain a valuable lesson, and others are designed to promote relationship building and camaraderie.

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