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WOW Videoke, committed to providing the best quality karaoke products in the world.

Each song is re-mastered and reengineered using top-of-the-line recording and mixing equipment to offer the closest version of the original you will ever get.

Be free to move around and express yourself, singing your favorite videoke song through professional wireless microphones.

Just so you don’t have to sing alone, you will find two professional quality microphones that will produce quality professional sound for your vocals!

Time for a Party Everyone loves those cool, funky DJ remixes and karaoke lovers will enjoy the new medley function of the WOW Concerto Pro 2 to make your party that much more fun!

Do you want a videoke machine that’s fully capable of providing you with professional sound, those great DJ remixes, medley songs and K-POP videos that will have you and your friends dancing right in your own living room? WOW Videoke Concerto Pro 2 offers you more than 3,000 handpicked songs to give you the best sound and best experience possible.

Over 3,000 Songs Handpicked Just for You With over 3,000 songs to choose from, you will find hits from popular artists like Justin Bieber, Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, Bruno Mars, Taylor Swift, Beyonce, Black Eyed Peas and Rhianna, and more!

Real Sound® Technology - 93 Songs Real Sound songs are specially modified and recorded using real instruments & back-up vocals, to give you a superior sound experience.

Wireless MIC Karaoke 2 Professional Wireless Microphones with superior build and sound quality.

Video Background Using MPEG4 Technology - 6 Hours WOW Philippines, OPM MTV, Anime Dance, K-POP Video and even the ability to upload your own images or video using the software supplied.

Along with enhanced MIDI tracks, you will receive 93 Realsound songs (recorded using live instruments and backup vocals), 550 Chorus songs and 31 Multiplex songs (recorded with main vocals with the option to turn them on or off).

Experience the best singing experience with the freedom of wireless microphone technology.

Remixes like Poker Face, Telephone and Bad Romance by Lady Gaga, or I Will Survive from Gloria Gaynor are sure to delight any singer.

Professional Sound Quality Not just a pretty face, the WOW Concerto Pro 2 is powered by Dream SAM 2533 Sound Module capable of producing exceptionally clear, hi-fi sound reminiscent of a karaoke bar.


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