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Their theology was similar to the Seventh Day Baptists and their practices much like the old Quakers.

The deed for this transaction was written on an 18" x 28" piece of parchment and is still quite legible.

They belonged to an evangelical Christian group known as Rogerenes (or Rogerines), named after their founder, John Rogers of Connecticut (1648-1721).

Some date their arrival here as early as 1702, others as late as 1736.

This page is an overview of Roxbury Township history, with an emphasis on the communities of Succasunna, Ledgewood, Kenvil & Lower Berkshire Valley. Landing New for several pages that focus on Landing NJ History or Port Morris NJ History.

1600's - - Much of the common knowledge of these early years comes from the Morris County History books by Honeyman (1927), by Munsell (1882) and articles by Dr.

It is stored at the New Jersey Historical Society Museum in Newark.

1710's -- Around this date the first group of white settlers established homes in the area that became Roxbury.

Wolfe (see below) several years later in which he, with sharp wit, corrected Munsell !

However, they agree on the basic timeline: There were several villages of Lenni Lenape (Delaware) Indians located on Suckasunny Plains.


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