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He said the best directors are the ones who ask questions.

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I’ve played a lot of different roles in the years leading up to this and I think those roles really sort of prepared me for it.” “I’ve gotten to play leads on stage before and in the last say, 10 years, I’ve gotten to play bigger roles and more interesting supporting roles, and I think they’ve all kind of led me to this character in a way.

I’ve gotten to play elements of this character in other parts, and I really get to put it all together now and really have fun with it.” Cannavale was nominated for a Tony for his leading role on Broadway in With an extensive résumé in television, film and stage, Cannavale has worked with many notable directors in the business.

“I’ve never been the lead in anything before, and that’s what the role calls for. It was set up that way.” When asked what he draws from to reach the extremes, Cannavale answered, “Experience.

I feel like maybe 20 years ago I wouldn’t have been ready to do this part.

He gauged the greatness of coffee purely on its strength and nothing more.

I have learned that there is so much more to a good cup of coffee than just strength.

Here are the Top 5 things to look for from Bean to Cup. The Aroma Just like in wine tasting, the first thing you do is use your nose!

I might be again dating myself with the movie/ my blog post title, but come on who doesn’t know Mr. The hilarious British sitcom, turned movies back in the 90’s. Bean always said very little but put himself in some of the funniest situations.

I am attaching a link to so you can enjoy the along with me! Bean Oh my goodness, I got so sidetracked watching the clips again myself. I wanted to share with you all today the importance of the coffee bean.

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