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stick01 it's funny and ironic you can claim to use correct "grammer", though I'm not sure if spelling counts as a form of grammar.

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Anyway, many sleepless months went into making this one, so I really hope you like it. Well, what can possibly be more fun than chess pieces that come to life to beat the snot, blood and brains out of each other. I spent some time creating an entertaining in-game "chess rules" section, which thoroughly explains all the rules of the game on 14 pages.

The hardest ones to achieve are the best, for instance the king is badass when killing an enemy.

Hopefully, beginner and intermediate players will find it useful.

____________________ Wow, Daily First, Weekly 3rd in Games, Weekly 8th Overall, Monthly 8th in Games and more than 200K plays? Thank you for playing, have fun and see you soon with a new submission :) - Hristo Atanasov (Rather Random) Very entertaining. Pity about the AI being so silly, but its all about the kills, not the game.

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I thought I would never have to say that, but long time no see. If you click on the "executions" button in the main menu it tells you which ones you've seen and which ones you haven't.

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