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In each episode four proud homeowners open their doors to the three other contestants and let them cast a critical gaze on their property masterpiece.

They'll judge the house in terms of its interior design, homeliness, comfort, the hospitality on offer and the overall viewing experience.

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I think they score way too low and its very tatical..

It annoys me when they say "not my style" and score low..of course not everyone has the same style or there wouldnt be a pogramme they should be more respectful to others houses and styles!

There's tattoo artist Corry and her outrageous city centre apartment - complete with hunting lodge and pole-dancing podium!

Teacher Sally shows off her 18th Century cottage - and they're all in for a shock when they visit gate manufacturer Terry Bentley's incredible shrine to Elvis Presley in Cannock.

They all score each other out of ten - and the winning homeowner wins 1,000 pounds.

At the end of each show, the four contestants also discover exactly what each other thought of their home - and they won't always like what they hear!

In today's show, four house proud Midlanders show off their homes to each other in a bid to win a thousand pounds.

We meet housewife Gail whose quirky country cottage has some unusual design ideas - like a gigantic jigsaw puzzle on the dining room ceiling.

- rachana [View Message] hello deepak, its a very good thing that you want to adopt new born baby i really appreciate you for that, but the adoption procedure is so much lengthy process, and legaly its is too much strong. - mehul [View Message] hello deepak, your marriage completed six years, so you dont have baby till now and thats why you want to adopt baby, so search on google the adoption center near your city, so you will get easily center address and phone too....


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