Mandy musgrave is dating matt cohen

There had been rumors, but nobody knew 100 percent.Cohen was born in Miami, Florida, on September 28, 1982.

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"Quite simply, we are drunk, and you, are not." he said and Matt raised an eyebrow as Misha snorted into his chest, face down and messy.

" he asked and Rich raised his eyebrows."Jen, we ain't got jack shit." Matt is a businessman who is away on business for a month.

Cohen also landed a few roles in feature films, including one of the lead roles in Boogeyman 2.

He surprises them by showing up home a few days earlier than expected. Three single men, sharing a suite across the convention tour? This isn't my best work, but I missed writing this pair and I needed to do something with the baby, since I haven't in the four months of game time since she was born.

Matt is in the shower and Rob and Rich come to the room and join him. Semi AU because I don’t think time wise they could fit in sexy times before karaoke at cons and no wives. A look here, a questionable touch there, it was almost like some unspoken game everyone was participating in to see one of them in the act of something too obvious to deny. Rich reflects on the changes in his life since he fell in love with a boy with bright green eyes and a beautiful smile.

Ten months after his relocation, Cohen managed to book a lead role as the sensitive jock, Aiden Dennison, on the teen drama TV series South of Nowhere.

Since then, he has guest-starred on a number of various TV shows, including The OC, Medium, and Supernatural.

He grew up in South Florida, where he played football and track in high school, from which he graduated with a 3.8 GPA.

Afterwards, he studied business at Florida State University, but also took some theatre classes.

Rich and Rob are post graduate students in college and they have been together forever but when they meet new undergrad, Matt Cohen, they can't help themselves.

Various other members of the SPN family are included in this and maybe sub plots ensue.

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