Intimidating mean

She accessorized with bright pink heels and a large, gold chain-link bracelet.

Thus, fairly or unfairly, a first lady's clothes can speak volumes for millions of Americans watching.

That's especially true of Melania Trump, who has spoken relatively little and remained somewhat of a mystery to the public.

Her consistent aesthetic, one that's timeless but never stodgy, signals a self-assurance and a confident ability to ride above the fast-fashion fray, perhaps thanks to her wealth, her sturdy place in the social hierarchy or her own experience in the fashion world.

What we do know of Melania Trump includes her fashion, and it's an area in which she's in full command.

She was, after all, a professional model, walking runways in Milan and Paris in the 1980s and '90s and inhabiting a world of luxury even after she ended her fashion week stints. She favors an unwavering array of cool neutrals like icy pink and beige, with occasional splashes of patriotic reds and deep blues.

In New Hampshire, where he won the primary, she wore a black dress with a bedazzled belt to cinch the waist.

Melania Trump's approach when it comes to fashion, it seems, is that she's above it.

The night Donald Trump came in second in the Iowa caucus, she wore a similar red coat, but with a tight red dress underneath.

Following the South Carolina primary, which Donald Trump won, she wore a simple pink sheath with a massive diamond bracelet on her left arm.

On the night before Super Tuesday, when 11 critical states would cast their votes for the Republican presidential nominee they liked best, Melania Trump, Donald's wife, appeared on CNN.

In an interview with Anderson Cooper — in which she discussed how she doesn't like her husband using vulgarities on the campaign trail, among other things — she wore a figure-, knee-length white dress with exaggerated cap sleeves.

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