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But neither is the current state of affairs entirely new to Janesville.

Consider, to start, that the automobile industry put Janesville’s thriving horse-drawn carriage sector out of business.

Progress has its costs, and the economy takes no prisoners.

Here is a pictorial history of some of Janesville’s bygone industries.

Before the age of automobiles, Janesville was the site of the Wisconsin Carriage Company.

, when the General Motors plant in Janesville, Wisconsin closed for good in 2008, the town found itself in the midst of an identity crisis.

Of course, Janesville is not entirely exceptional in this sense, as many communities around the country have been bent or broken by the economic stresses of the past five years.for a while until being done in by the economy in 1940.When automobiles became popular, the Wisconsin Carriage Company started manufacturing spark plugs.in 1908, it began to make an automobile known as the Wisco, which was a failure.It began manufacturing carriages in Janesville in the late nineteenth century.Beginning as the Lawrence Carriage Top Company in 1885 to manufacture carriage tops, cushions, backs, and upholstery for buggies, wagons, and carriages made by other carriage companies (some of them in Janesville), it soon began to manufacture its own complete line of horse-drawn vehicles and changed its name to the Wisconsin Carriage Company.


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