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" And yet creates people with biological impulses to be attracted to the same sex? "Please do not disrespect my beliefs, I have not and will not say that your beliefs are "despicable" " If I were to say, for example, that all women are inferior, or that all jews should be killed, I would expect you to label my beliefs "despicable".

Likewise, if you profess that illness, physical or mental disability, or mere societal differences are the victim's fault due to some unspecified 'sin', I likewise think that's pretty despicable.

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You can question it, but I believe that that person will know in their heart what they truly are, gay or not gay they will know. I mean, you *clearly* know everything, what's holding you back?

God is perfect, and no one was born gay it's proven that people turn gay because of lack of authority from the same gender or abuse from the same gender.

God however made people with both reproductive organs because that's what he did. Go out into the world, get a high paying corporate job where you can show off your mad intelligence, pay your own bills, etc.

"Arachnid, all I have to say to that, is to read the bible with understanding.

You would see where it says that we were born in to sin, its inherited, and shaped in iniquity.

The bible says we all have fallen short of the glory of God.

" And what has a newborn child born with a congenital defect done that warrants that?

' Blame the victim' has been a major factor in discrimination against pretty much any minority group thanks to that sort of attitude.

"No one sin is greater than the next, so just as he tells someone who lusts after their own sex to turn away from it, he tells someone who lets for example wants to kill and steal to turn away from it.

Religion, Spirituality & Folklore Many people believe that homosexuality is a choice and is an abomination in the eyes of god.

Well, that topic is debatable enough as it is, but what if a person is born with both the male and female reproductive organs?


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