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I bring this up because this show kinda takes that rule and warps it.Instead of a loli with big tits, now we have a loli with the most massive wang you've ever seen in your life.In search of some extra stimulation, she decides to join the Futa Club as a “service member.” The club is made up of futanari - hermaphrodites - who spend their club time thoroughly enjoying each other.

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She has a bigger wang than the monsters in Kuroinu Kedakaki.

Watching this, I had the weirdest erection as I'm sure most people who watch this do.

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Akane Niimura is bored with her high school experience.

There is not much more for me to say but I definitely would watch this if I were you!

From beginning to end, it's just nonstop crazy over the top nonsense, watching girls Hello, This has got to be the most amazing "Futanari" Title since "Asa kara Zusshiri Milk Pot" I have seen both episodes and I have to say that I am very impressed at how amazing these 2 episodes were!

If you are a futanari fan like me you will definitely love this!

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Thanks to that, her “service” duties are restricted to letting the other members of the club have their way with her.

Akane is more than willing, but will she be able to pass the entrance exam? I call it the second rule of anime and it's that you should never put tits on a loli.


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