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Jennifer: While there are lots of great tools to come from the classroom like Kickboard, and it is critically important to identify and support teachers who want to develop edtech tools, innovative and impactful ideas can be sparked by anyone who is passionate about education.If we’re going to transform teaching and learning, we need to encourage ideas from all avenues.What compelled you to tackle this challenge in particular?


Kickboard is a web-based school analytics platform that allows educators to gather insights based on student performance data, and to date they have raised $2.8 million in funding.

The startup is based in New Orleans, a city with a budding edtech scene known as the Silicon Bayou.

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We tried our best to create a makeshift solution with Google Docs and Excel spreadsheets, but it wasn’t efficient or really effective.

Since I came to teaching with a degree in computer science, I saw an opportunity to use my background as a technologist to overcome this challenge.

With Kickboard, educators and school leaders are now able to gain greater visibility into student performance in and across classrooms and more easily access the information they need to make meaningful adjustments to instruction and interventions.

Technapex: As a former math teacher yourself, do you think it is important for edtech tools to come from the teaching community?

Technapex: Can you share the founding story of Kickboard?

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Technapex spoke with Kickboard founder and CEO Jennifer Medberry, a computer scientist turned high school math teacher turned entrepreneur who built Kickboard to create the tools for teachers that she would have utilized herself while in the classroom.

Jennifer commented on the founding story of Kickboard, the role of edtech tools in the classroom, and what it’s like to work in NOLA’s brand new edtech scene.


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