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Letter to Governor.” The letters are already written for anyone attending tonight’s inaugural public meeting of Cleveland School Remembers, a group of six former teachers who watched, listened, and reacted in 1989 as a 24-year-old gunman named Patrick Purdy opened fire on their students in the first mass shooting of schoolchildren in America. They strained for order and solace in the lockdown after Purdy’s suicide. They stood and struggled to comprehend or even know anything. They navigated around and eventually identified the lifeless bodies of children who’d fidgeted into the thrall of a lesson or a story just a few hours earlier.

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Don't bother too much with the instructions because it is Japanese translated to English and isn't very good and that is my only complaint. When i first purchased it i was amazed at how affordable it was thumbs up tmart.

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It’s a warm September evening in Stockton, almost the end of summer, and the sun slowly sets behind the curving steeple of the Central United Methodist Church. No less a pop cultural eminence than Michael Jackson invited himself to Stockton on Feb.

Brought out to identify one of the dead children, neither Weldon nor second-grade teacher Julie Schardt could be absolutely certain that the girl with the head wound was their student Oeun Lim. “I remember it was cold, and I remember her red shoes.” painstakingly deconstructed the last days of Patrick Purdy.


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