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Please note that orders that have not been paid for (such as on-hold orders via the “cheque” gateway) will not automatically be completed, as access to downloads shouldn’t be granted and shipments shouldn’t occur until payment is received.Here are some payment methods that Order Status Control will not auto-complete orders for: General and scroll down to the “Orders to Auto-Complete” setting.The mail API allows you to set ticket properties by adding commands to the body of an email response to a notification, or of an email creating a new ticket. If these commands are used by end-users, Zendesk ignores them.

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Order Status control will only complete “paid for” orders, which requires the payment method to call .

Don’t worry, most payment methods do this properly already; orders paid for via Pay Pal, credit cards, e-checks, or other online payment systems will trigger auto-completion.

In other words, you can't create a separate email message and reference an already existing ticket. The default value is true, meaning that anything else you put in the body of the email will be seen by the requester.

This is because Zendesk Support needs the ticket ID, which is contained in the Reply To email address, as shown in the image above. Valid values are the email address of the assignee or the Zendesk Support ID of the assignee (obtained via e.g. Using this command automatically makes you a collaborator (cc) on the ticket.

You can opt to: When an order is automatically completed, it skips the ‘processing’ order status upon receipt of successful payment to streamline order administration.

This can save time if you don’t need to take any actions between the ‘processing’ and ‘completed’ order statuses.

However, some shops want to complete paid virtual orders, or even auto-complete any paid order, while others want no auto-completion at all.

The Woo Commerce Order Status Control extension gives the store owner control over which types of paid orders can be automatically completed.

Woo Commerce will auto-complete paid orders that contain only virtual-downloadable products, but won’t auto-complete other orders.


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