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Nobody ever wishes to be disabled but it happens for one reason or another.

For some it happens as a result of an accident while others it comes due to illness.

This is why it is important for us to explore some facts about dating with a physical disability.

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This is a major barrier for some people because they tend to think lesser of themselves just because of the fact that they are disabled.

For starters, it depends on the type of disability that you are dealing with.

The world out there may not be that tolerant when it comes to people who are physically disabled.

It also takes people with big hearts to make people who are disabled feel normal.

Some are born disabled and there is no way they can change this.

Disability is always around us in one form or another.

Whether it is our friends, relatives or siblings, we all happen to know at least one person in our lives who happens to have physical disability.

The way the rest of the world out there treats you will be influenced by how you treat yourself.

If you hate yourself then you make it harder for any person out there to love you.

The fact that they are disabled does not mean that they cease to live life like the rest of their able bodied counterparts.

They all feel the need to love and be loved and this leads them to search for human contact.


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