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The track itself is 800 m long, and for 600 meters, you are racing down through the trees, covering 54 meters’ alterations in ground level.

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The real treasure of place is the „lake bath” that has been shaped into Cave bath.

It has been excavated and channelled by water from hard bath stone cliff during thousands of years.

The track built with great precision guarantees safety and quality. id=2048 The Castle of Diósgyőr is situated only 8 km west of the centre of Miskolc, at the foot of the Bükk Mountains, in a gorgeous natural environment, worthy of its prestigious position among Hungary’s historical monuments.

Opening hours: every day - (closing hour of cash desk: ) Fees: The Selyemrét Bath has been completely renewed by July 2013.

Thanks to the extensions the open-air Baths now receives guests in a 3.5-hectare park area with 6 pools of a combined water surface of 2728 square metres offering a range of new wellness services for undisturbed relaxation.

The Cave bath of Miskolctapolca is unique in Europe, it is an unmatchable experience to bath in the swimming pool covered by nature, that has a nice temperature thermal water arisen depth of mountain, enjoy clear, fine air.

Many swaer on curative power of cave bath, first of all thanks to nice and medicinal cave climate and warm karst water.

If this speed is a bit too much for you, you can slow down the toboggan as you like, using the handbrake.

The track, resembling a giant sea snake winding through the trees, with its bumps, and right and left curves really pumps up your adrenaline, because you are racing much closer to the trees - though staying at a safe distance from them – than you usually do at a skiing or sleighing track.

The Bath is supplied with water from two large-volume thermal wells of a temperature of 43-45 ºC, which are fed by karst water reserves dating back to 9000 years ago, as it was established by the radiocarbon dating method.

You can enjoy again the massaging water jets at the renewed Selyemrét bath complex and have fun on the 3 new slides or in the 25-metre learners’ pool, the warm sitting pool offering bubble baths and the children’s pool enriched with play-enhancing elements, in addition to the 50-metre swimming pool operating all throughout the year.

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