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I had also been taught that divorced women were very immoral people, and I was sure that Mom wasn't one of those.(I found out as an adult that my dad had actually caught her in the sack with one of those aforementioned guys.) That night, my father told me that we were “moving out of state” immediately and that Mom would join us "sometime." I wasn't sure why we had to be gone so fast, but I did my best to try to help with the packing.

But if my parents fought they hid it well -- with the sole exception of the fight they had the night they separated.

But I never saw her again -- no letters, no calls, nothing.

All I had were memories of what I’d thought was a happy home life.

We asked adult children of divorce to share how their parents’ splits affected their lives in the long run, for better or for worse.

This story came to us from Crystal Pearson, age 50.* (As told to Natasha Burton.)When they split up, I was in elementary school and I had no idea that there were any problems between them.

Then, when I was eight, a friend of mine told me that her parents were getting divorced.I didn't really know what it meant at the time: I knew that "divorce" meant that people were somehow fighting or might have to go to court, but it was a vague concept to me.I had no relationship with my mother following the move.A school year passed and I was left wondering when "sometime" would ever come. Every day, I hoped she'd come walking through the door.The idea that my mother was in the process of relinquishing custody of me and never wanted to see me or my dad again was something I couldn't even fathom; it never even entered my mind.It can still, to this day, be difficult to understand.

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