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To see more paisley, visit Brenna Barks’ blog, where Monica Murgia has written about an exhibition at the Allentown Art Museum.

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Collectors of old clothes often come across garments that are reincarnations of an older item. I’ve seen many garments dating from the Edwardian era and the 1920s made from paisley shawls. It was in such terrible shape that this was one piece that could be remade without guilt.

One favored material for such up-dating was the paisley shawl. A few weeks ago it occurred to me that it would make a lovely scarf. I used a patch, but I’m not entirely happy with the results.

Any shawl that has been folded for an extended period of time develops crease lines.

If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that I’m not a fan of mindless “up-cycling.” I didn’t arrive at that opinion quickly or lightly.

I’m a child of the 60s and 70s, and those of my generation thought we invented the re-crafting of old clothes. A few years back, slipper-maker Stubbs and Wootton did a paisley slipper made from old shawls.

Of course that was not true, no more than the DIYers of today invented the idea. Several years ago I found what had once been a robe made from paisley.No, as long as there have been textiles, people have taken the old and tried to make it new. It was missing an arm and most of one side, but the price was right – 50 cents if my memory is correct – and I knew that eventually I’d use it for something. -- RP, San Francisco, CAA -- Unfortunately, age alone does not mean that an object has a high monetary value.While your shawl may appear perfect to you, chances are that unless it has been stored rolled on a tube, it has condition problems.Shawls were popular during the age of the crinoline, the mid 1800s. In order to get a good length, I had to piece the fabric. I may take off the patches and go with embroidery around each hole.They were huge and rectangular in shape, and were used as a warm wrap over the voluminous dresses. Finally, I backed the paisley with a length of black wool flannel.


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