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(See further down the excerpt, and especially the guy called Sam.) I don't personally know very many women who have analyzed it from the other side and come to the sugar baby perspective (or at least will admit to it), but there are obviously lots out there.

See the sugar daddy blog for hundreds of comments from sugar babies.

“He pays for it, takes me shopping, we talk, laugh, go out to eat and do whatever we want to do for our days together. “I’m with a guy who’s old enough to be my dad, short and balding. But he gives me a great big fat allowance every month.

For the Asian version of all this, see Enjo kosai, or "compensated dating" in Japanese (also here and here).

NYTimes: AT FIRST GLANCE, the Web site Seeking seems like any other dating site.

They’re not searching for longtime soul mates; they want no-strings-attached “arrangements” that trade in society’s most valued currencies: wealth, youth and beauty.

In the cheesy lexicon of the site, they are “sugar daddies” and “sugar babies.”There’s the 18-year-old from France asking for $5,000 to $10,000 a month from “a mentor who can provide me with the finer things in life and keep me happy!

” And the 49-year-old investor from upstate New York willing to pay ,000 a month for a “daytime playmate” for “intense connection without commitment.” Critics say the site is at best a convenience store for adulterers and at worst a virtual brothel, but Brandon Wade, Seeking Arrangement’s 38-year-old founder and chief executive, is unperturbed by the criticism. If I wanted someone to talk to about my life problems, I’d get a boyfriend or a therapist.”...“We stress relationships that are mutually beneficial,” he says. ABOUT 30 PERCENT OF ARRANGEMENTS on the site involve the daddy paying an “allowance,” usually a thousand or two a month, though the site claims some reach ,000. In fact, Seeking Arrangement pays to have its ads pop up on search engines whenever someone types in “student loan,” “tuition help,” “college support” or “help with rent.” Lola was one of many to stumble on the site that way, when — behind on her rent and tuition and down to one meal a day — she Googled “student loan.” What popped up was hardly what she expected, but she was willing to try almost anything to stay in school....Most of the men are looking for fit, sexy women, and most of the women want nice guys who can make them smile and laugh.But if e Harmony or is a chatty social mixer, Seeking Arrangement is a down-and-dirty marketplace where older moneyed men and cute young women engage in brutally frank transactions.The rest provide the baby with incidental cash, shopping sprees, gifts, travel or the fleeting illusion that theirs is a high-end, easy life. I don’t bring up mundane problems about my home life, and he does the same. Whether sugar relationships amount to prostitution is hotly debated among the site’s members.“I get flown to whatever city I want,” wrote a North Carolina college student, who goes by the name gurlnextdoor on the site’s blog, a mix between an online support group and a kaffeeklatsch. “Let’s get real here,” wrote Golden Gate on the blog.

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