Dating funeral directors

There has to be easier ways to make a living, right?

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Being a mortician requires a keen eye for detail, the ability to work under a deadline, and the ability to organize multiple tasks all at once. I really do feel honored when somebody trusts me enough to take care of their deceased loved one.

While embalming dead bodies may not be your idea of a great gig, being a funeral director really is an interesting job.

The pay is decent – I make about – but it requires a lot of sacrifice to earn that money.

Money posted about the 6 Best (And Highest Paying Jobs) in America. You can find me driving brand new black Cadillacs on a regular basis. phone calls I get where I’m required to drag my keister out of bed to collect splattered body parts off the freeway.

I was completely shocked to find that my line of work wasn’t at the top of that list. On Thursdays, I even wear my super special cuff-links. Then, I got to thinking about all the unsexy parts of my job that probably kept it off the list. You know, the whole wiping up somebody’s doody after they’ve expired. There may be some who don’t consider replacing another person’s blood with formaldehyde to be much of a perk either.

Often times, my picture may be in the newspaper for attending various fundraisers or for donating to different charities.Behind all of this glitz and glam, my job does have a few more… It was then that I came to terms with the fact that being a mortician may not be everyone’s cup of tea.It also requires one to work with all types of different personalities under immense stress… Oh yeah, then there is the part about making dead people look – well – as close to holidays. Few people understand what it is like to be called away from your family’s Christmas dinner – or your daughter’s birthday party – in order to go and take care of somebody else’s family. Furthermore, I knew all of these things before I chose to be a funeral director.Aside from a select few other jobs, most people never have to worry about getting woken up at A. As much as I’ve tried to spread the word, people just don’t seem to want to die between the hours of 8-5, Monday through Friday!!! Yet, sometimes while preparing the badly decomposed body of a person who was found weeks after their death, I begin to wonder what in the heck I was thinking about when I went back to mortuary school.Our company offers both, so I am thankful for that.I also get 20 days of “Paid Time Off” which is nice.

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