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Even though it’s so fun and exciting to have the career and life that I’m having, that’s its own thing. ” But I didn’t want to say no to any of the good or bad moments because I know those are the moments that made people care about the movie and enjoy it.

I am just at tragedy right now,” she said from the stage in 2012. (“Not great.”) She laughed at the notion of God never giving us more than we can handle—even when that means pneumonia, a life-threatening infection, a parent’s death, a breakup, and a cancer diagnosis all in one year. K., who was in the audience that night along with Ed Helms, Bill Burr, and Mary Lynn Rajskub—went viral overnight, outselling a KISS album released that week and later snagging a Grammy nomination.

We watch her defy a doctor’s advice and try to have a child via a surrogate, despite the deadly risk the fertility drugs present to her fragile health.

“I don’t think it would be possible to have another bad day while I’m alive,” Notaro says as she waits to hear if her only viable embryo takes to a surrogate’s womb.

Tig Notaro didn’t know whether she would live or die the day she went onstage at Largo in August 2012 and greeted her audience with, “Good evening, hello. ” But with the way things were going, she says she “kind of assumed” she’d be dead soon.

In the four months before that now-legendary set, the comedian, who had already been fighting off pneumonia, was diagnosed with clostridium difficile—a life-threatening infection that ate away at her intestines and put her in the hospital for weeks.

Over the next 31 minutes, Notaro relayed both the mundane and the hilarious indignities of cancer and death, in the stunned deadpan of a person diagnosed less than a week ago. Now Notaro is the star of her own Netflix documentary, Tig (directed by Kristina Goolsby and Ashley York) which follows her in the months after the Largo show as she undergoes a double mastectomy and slowly puts her life back together.

We watch her struggle to find the confidence to go onstage again, wracked with insecurity about living up to hype of Live.

Today they’re engaged, own a house together in Los Angeles, and are in the process of adopting children. Her brother and his girlfriend live in our guesthouse, and I had no hesitation moving them into our property. It was all like, “Of course, of course, yes, yes.” It was glaring. I know you agreed to the documentary in part because the screenwriter, Jennifer Arnold, is a friend of yours, but even still, there must have been times when you wished the camera wasn’t following you, like when you find out that the embryo didn’t take. It was not even the hard moments, it was falling for Stephanie and not wanting to be filmed.

Notaro says it feels like she’s always smiling: “I have not been in love like this before.”Oh yeah, I mean that’s my focus, is building a family. It’s nice, even though we have a 15-year age difference between us, we’re both on the exact same track in life as far as having a family and kids and marriage. I mean, even in the boring moments I was just like, “Oh my god, this is still going on?

And we watch her gradually fall in love with Stephanie Allynne, her co-star in buddy Lake Bell’s film In a World. I was always searching for answers and talking to people who had had relationships and fallen in love and wanted marriage.

Their romance is slow, beginning with jokes and text messages Notaro finds so funny she wonders if there’s “a team of writers writing for her.” Allynne, who had never dated a woman before, eventually realizes she has feelings for Notaro, and the two become inseparable. [But with Stephanie] everything was easy: our families, our sense of humor, our sensibilities, the way we live together in a house.


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