Christian dating emotional boundaries dating aunties in rajahmundry

Real prioritizing is about choosing what must get done, what can wait, and what actually needs to be scrapped altogether.

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Christian dating emotional boundaries

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It's about sacrificing important tasks to ensure that the most important tasks get the best of my time and energy.

Reading, the activity that makes me feel the most recharged and sustained, was relegated to the last ten minutes (let's be real, five minutes) before my eyes slam shut in bed each night.

We have to eat, so I'll fit in the grocery shopping and meal planning on Sunday. By the time I arrived home, I had made an hour-by-hour weekend schedule for myself (a red flag, even for someone who loves a good plan).

In that moment, I saw my ideas about prioritizing for what they were: distorted, unhealthy, and damaging.

Spend time with my mom and finally watch the season finale of . My time with Dan was squeezed into attending church and our family dinner because we would be together anyway.

Since we were going on vacation the following week, I really needed to finish my resume beforehand (my vacation also meant I'd be wearing a swimsuit, so I considered getting up 20 minutes early on Saturday to run an extra couple miles).

Even for me, an early riser at six o'clock most mornings, it's too much, so I decided to prioritize: The events on my list were non-negotiable because I already made the commitments—bridal shower, family dinner, time with my mom—so everything else had to fit around those.

My list included more tasks than any normal human could accomplish in two days and a few hours.

It is the goal of this essay to explore the ethical limitations of emotional intimacy between Christians.


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