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It has been reported that over 70% of Pinterest users have boards that are primarily dedicated to bridal related topics. In the bridal world, nothing has made the wedding process more convenient than having a smart phone available at all times.From venue inspiration to day-of products, those brands that properly align their boards to appeal to the bridal community, have the opportunity to be a part of each bride’s journey—from inspiration to the time to purchase. Mobile has become imperative for the “on the go” couples.

Technology Millennials have grown up as witnesses to the technology revolution, which means they’ve seen the world without and with tech—and they choose the latter.

Since technology is an integral part of their every day lives, it comes as no surprise that today’s couples are quick to jump on any new technology that can help their wedding day be as functional, fun, and unique as possible.

This influence combined with a $300 billion industry has created a vast network of opportunities for both marketers and brands to reach a powerful market.

But, in order to capitalize on this market, brands must first understand how to break through the disruption and reach today’s millennial couple.

So, why should marketers care about this so-called niche industry?

Although millennials tend to be the recipients of harsh criticism, they are not to be underestimated as they are officially the largest, most diverse generation in the U. population, according to a report by the Council of Economic Advisors.

DIY In the past, the idea of crafting and creating something from scratch was usually left for grandma and grandpa. The millennial generation has embraced the mentality, coining themselves as the “DIY generation.” This hands on way of life has translated over to various industries, but nothing has felt the influence quite like the wedding industry. Mobile A recent study found that millennials spend at least four hours per day on their cell phones—and that number is quickly growing.

One of the biggest influences for the DIY bride has been Pinterest. This affinity towards mobile has solidified the need for cross-channel functionality within every industry.

Between lunch breaks, at work and on long train commutes, brides and grooms find any excuse to continue researching—or buying— via mobile.

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