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Even if your lady doesn't speak perfect English (or French, German, Spanish etc), our free built-in online translator will be able to connect the dots.

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While mails allow you to write longer letters, discuss interesting subjects and tell about yourself in detail, live chat is all about "here and now".

Asking short questions and instantly getting responses is a fun and enjoyable way to get to know each other.

On Elenas Models.com, your chat messages remain private, for yours and your lady's eyes only.

Compare it with pay-per-message websites that charge you for every message sent and received.

Online translator will help your instant communication and comprehension, without the need to have someone else to translate.

View the demonstration video on the right to see how it works step-by-step.

The best feature of Elena’s Models Live Chat is that it's totally unlimited — you can send and receive as many messages as you want, to any of your contacts.

Elena’s Models live chat offers unrestricted contact with Russian and Ukrainian women, with free built-in online translator and unlimited messages back and forth.

It works just like any other instant messenger: post text communications and emoticons (smiles), and receive girls' responses back in real time!

There are NO pay-per-message or pay-per-minute costs.

It's an extremely cost-effective way of building a relationship when dating online.


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