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Toronto has 2,327 millionaire website members “actively searching for partners,” the Toronto Sun reports.

Toronto tops the list of the Canadian cities with the most eligible millionaires (2,327), Calgary is second (1,210), Ottawa is third (988), Montreal fourth (734), and Edmonton rounds out the top five with 621.

The figures are the result of a member poll conducted by the the site, which counts a millionaire as someone who has a total net worth of more than one million dollars.“This ranking serves as a guide for those seeking successful singles,” said Brandon Wade, CEO and Founder of Seeking “Not all single millionaires want a serious relationship, but this census proves that even the wealthiest men seek stability in their love life.”The site specializes in millionaire-matchmaking and bills itself as the number-one source for women who aspire to date millionaires.

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Both Calgary, number two, and Edmonton, number five, make the list.Seeking, citing a report by Wealth Insight, says Canada is home to 422,000 actual millionaires but that only a fraction of those are marriage-minded and looking for a long-term commitment.Toronto might be the best city in Canada to snag a millionaire husband — and, perhaps surprisingly, the second best in North America.That’s according to data from Seeking, a website that sets up wealthy men (mostly) with women looking for wealthy men (mostly).Those looking for a real-life version of the reality TV show 'Who Wants to Marry a Millionaire' will have a pretty good chance of finding their wealthy prince if they look in Alberta.According to the website Seeking, Alberta is one of two provinces with two cities on a list ranking the top five Canadian towns with the most eligible millionaires in the country.


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