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The big surprise this week is the arrival of Dorado!

Normally we see them in June or July, May in some years, but this past year has been terrible.

Finally we´re seeing some show up around Punta Mita.

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After an El Nino the following year, primarily summer is a bag of frustration. The next day the fishing fleet gets word of this and BAM, no fish for love or money!

The next day, who knows, it´s challenging for sure.

I was having a hard time being positive about people’s chances for boating fish, thankfully I have an improved opinion of your chances. We have fish, the question is if they´ll take your bait!

View full post People think that when and El Nino ends that everything is going to return to normal and the fishing will be incredible. When we see the currents swirling with warm water, then cold water we know there are going to be challenges to fishing.

View full post Hello everyone and welcome back to another high season.

If you live in Vallarta you´re well aware that the humidity has been brutal (but is calming down now).

The reason for that is because water temperatures, the single biggest fish catching factor, went from 84 to over 90 in four days.

It was a swift and warm current from hell and obliterated fishing.

Blue Marlin are picking up in numbers and Black Marlin are also more available.


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