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He registered for a theology class at Yale University during that time but failed to complete the course.

He then embarked on a self-described spiritual quest in which he haunted churches and bookstores, reading an abundance of material in his search for enlightenment.

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Tania was at the radio station to retrieve a prize that she’d won.

The two struck up a conversation, hit if off, and were married a year later.

Shortly after the divorce was final, Beck turned to Alcoholics Anonymous for help and credits the organization for saving his life.

Besides being a heavy drinker, he admitted to using marijuana on a daily basis since the late 70s.

It is unclear whether there was a Glenn Beck girlfriend during this time, but he married his second wife, Tania, in the year 2000.

The two met in the parking lot of the New Haven radio station where Beck was employed.

They both converted to the Mormon faith before they were married and exchanged their vows in a Mormon temple.

Tania was not Mormon at the time they met — they made the decision to convert to the Mormon faith together.

Conservative talk show radio host and television personality Glenn Beck has been married two times. The two married and had two daughters, one of which was diagnosed with cerebral palsy in 1988 after she suffered a series of strokes.

he met the first Glenn Beck wife, Claire, in 1983 while working at Washington D. Beck was already abusing alcohol and drugs at that time, and things grew progressively worse until the couple decided to divorce in 1994.

Beck likes to joke that he had to find a church because she was hot and would not agree to have sex with him until they were lawfully wedded in a church.


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