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Just as one who abhors airplanes does not understand how they fly or why anyone would wish to ride in one, so does the person who rejects God not understand His revelation to us.

Christians must understand that our ability to understand the Bible comes not from ourselves, but as we are led by the Holy Spirit [I Corinthians ; I John 5:7; I John ; II Peter ; Hebrews ].

This is one of the most expensive Skeptical books on the market (60 dollars) aside from a related volume by Mc Kinsey (that sells for 146 dollars! Mc Kinsey has no qualifications whatsoever in any Biblical field (in issue #4 of his newsletter he says that he has "a bachelor's' degree in philosophy and a master's in the social sciences"), knows no Biblical languages, and has no relevant training; he works only with his "plain reading" of the texts to offer his critiques.

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One wonders where she was when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor using aircraft carrier-based aircraft.

Second, she insisted that I was trying to mislead an "old lady" (her very words) by lying to her.

In 1981, this lady was about 70 years old, spry, witty and very talkative. If she were indeed about 70, that would have put her in her thirties during WWII.

General Observations When one takes Scripture woodenly, it is easy to misunderstand.

Unfortunately, the unbeliever / God-hater does not possess the correct tool(s) to understand God’s Word.

Mc Kinsey is also skilled at debate tactics, which he uses to obscure his errors and lack of cogent argumentation.

For this review, we will provide some general comments to start, followed by a chapter-by-chapter "answer key." We will not cover chapters beyond our concern (such as claims of contradiction in Mormon and Muslim scriptures).

Allow me to use an illustration using the airplane example: I am a retired Naval Aviator.

At an airshow in Idaho Falls in 1981, I had the interesting and futile experience of explaining to a little old lady why the F-14 Tomcat that I was displaying could land aboard an aircraft carrier.

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