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I miss you so much it physically hurts I think about you all the time- When I’m driving When I’m about to fall asleep When I’m out with friends When I’m sober When I’m not Fuck Where are you? Sorry I don’t post a lot anymore but since school is almost over for me, I’ll be using this account more! I was thinking of posting videos of cute couples from You Tube or you can suggest some to put on here since Jared stays so lowkey now a days, if you guys would like that then tell me!

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So when they both stopped posting photos of each other on Instagram, rumors swirled that the couple had called it quits.

And now fans are wondering if Montano cheated on Stevens. Rumors are swirling that the fashionista and the model have called it quits.

"I really trust his eye," she previously told Daily Dot.

"He’s a great editor." Now many on social media are mourning Savannah Montano and Jessey Stevens' split.

Jessey Stevens and Savannah Montano first met via Twitter in 2014 and started dating a short time later.

He also served as her photographer for her popular Instagram page.And tweets from Stevens hint that Montano might have cheated.The news comes just days after another popular pair, Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez , also reportedly split.And fans are particularly upset that it came so soon after Alexis Ren and Jay Alvarrez reportedly broke up. But they also haven't been posting on social media together in a while.Fans first suspected that Montano and Stevens split up when they reportedly deleted photos of each other from their Instagram pages.She also sent out some cryptic tweets like, "There's no future in the past," and "Deep down the feelings' still deep down." Montano even posted on Instagram, " Don't get too caught up." Jessey Stevens, meanwhile, also hinted on Twitter that he and Savannah Montano had split up. That has some suspecting that Montano cheated on Stevens, though that has not been confirmed.


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