Adultflirt - 3 years dating no proposal

I have made a conscious decision not to nag him because I don’t want him to be pushed into a proposal, but on the other hand I am getting more resentful by the day that he hasn’t taken the initiative.

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I honestly thought he would propose before we came back ‘home’, and he didn’t.

I have tried to have sober, calm discussions with him, and he just says that it will happen when it happens.

It doesn’t help that I am getting pressure from his family and mine, and that so many of our friends are getting engaged and married around us.

At the time, he said moving in together would show my commitment and we would get engaged ‘within the year’.

We’ve now moved back to our home country and have moved in together again.

I also feel that what should have been a happy surprise at the right time, is now becoming an issue in an otherwise great relationship.He is a good man, and I know that we will be happy together, but him dragging his feet is making me insecure, and questioning how much he really does respect me after all.The issues that caused the break up have been resolved and I believe we are stronger than ever.We have been overseas together, and though I wasn’t keen to move in together (never wanted to before we got married) we did when we lived in London.I feel like I'm going a little crazy here and I'm tired of boring my friends with this so I'm really looking for a bit of feedback on my 'situation'. We got together at University, I was 19, he was 23.We even managed to pull off long distance for the first two years,...


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